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SHERWOOD: The Adventures of Robin Hood by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Jessie Austrian


Left to right:  

April Mae Davis as Deorwyn, Ray Dooley as Prince John,, Tristan Parks as The Sheriff of Nottingham  and Christine Mirzayan as Maid Marian

" Christine Mirzayan portrays an earnest Maid Marian, fiercely loyal to her ideals, but able to re-mold them to fit newly discovered realities. And we buy into this re-molding in each instance."

"The chemistry between this Maid Marian and this Robin Hood is unique and quite interesting. And you will not want to miss the comical one-upmanship and banter between the two. "

The Christians by Lucas Hnath

Directed by Preston Lane


Left: Joey Collins as The Pastor and Christine Mirzayan as The Congregant

"Christine Mirzayan  gives a near-heartbreaking performance as congregant Sister Jenny.."

 Yvette L. Holder and Kurt Benrud from Triangle Arts and Entertainment

"..Christine Mirzayan's emotional congregant provides the show's most gripping moments."

Roy C. Dicks from The News & Observer

The Cake by Bekah Brunstetter

Directed by Jefferey Meanza


Left: Christine Mirzayan as Macy and Julia Gibson as Della

"Mirzayan with a rapid-fire sarcasm when she states “Ambivalence is just as evil as violence.”

Dawn Reno Langley from Triangle Arts and Entertainment

  "..and Mirzayan fierce in all the right moments.

Susie Potter from Triangle Arts and Entertainment

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